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New York Estate Administration and Probate Lawyer

An experienced attorney is essential to ensure timely and efficient administration of any estate involving significant property, whether or not the deceased left a will. For over 30 years, William A. Simon, Attorney at Law , has assisted people in New York with probate and estate administration matters. He will work with you to make certain that all debts and any taxes due are paid, that claims are settled in the most advantageous way, that all deadlines are met and that your loved one's assets are administered and distributed properly.

Contact William A. Simon at 212-867-1238 to schedule a free initial consultation about estate administration and probate.

He can work in tandem with the designated estate executor or next of kin on the following:

  • Probate of will or appointment of administrator
  • Collection of assets and determination of their value
  • Payment of debts and administration expenses
  • Payment of estate taxes (filing of federal and state estate tax)
  • Audits of estate tax returns
  • Accounting to the beneficiaries of the estate
  • Distribution of the estate
  • Estate litigation

Estate administration and probate attorney William A. Simon prides himself on providing his clients with personal attention. This is the most important factor in meeting their needs. He takes the time to listen to their situation. When questions or concerns arise during the proceedings, he answers them directly. Cases are not delegated to a junior lawyer. Any work performed by paralegals is directly supervised by Attorney Simon.

His knowledge of estate and probate law is extensive. He keeps up to date with the frequent changes in the laws and court precedents affecting estate administration and taxation. When he takes your case, you can rest assured that all deadlines will be properly followed, all necessary steps will be taken, and your best interests will be looked out for.

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