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What should you do if you can’t find your mother’s will?

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2021 | Probate

The death of a mother or father is an emotional time for New York residents. Besides having to grieve their parent a child will also need to deal with their estate. This can be very complicated and if a child cannot find their parent’s will, it can make the probate process long and cumbersome. There are certain things a person should think to do in order to find a loved one’s will.

  1. Check typical hiding places. A person should check the typical hiding places in the deceased’s home and car. This can include in the back of the closet, the car glove box, safe, desk drawers, filing cabinets, and even between the pages of books.
  2. Safe deposit box. A person should find out if the deceased had a safe deposit box. The key for a safe deposit box is typically large and has “do not duplicate” engraved on it. A person can also check with the deceased’s bank to see if they rented a safe deposit box.
  3. A person should look through the deceased’s paperwork for any business cards or letterheads of an estate planning attorney. They may have a copy of the will.
  4. If an attorney cannot be found, contacting the deceased’s accountant, financial planner or insurance agent may lead to finding the will.
  5. Friends of the deceased may know if they have a will and where they kept it.
  6. Probate court. A person can check with the probate court in the county in which the deceased live to see if they have a copy of the will.

If the will is still not able to be found a legal professional who is skilled in probate can help a family dealing with the death and estate matters. They can guide a family through the probate process and make sure it goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible.