Estate Litigation

Manhattan Estate Litigation Attorney

When estate administration leads to litigation, you need an experienced estate litigation lawyer to ensure that your best interests are looked after. With over 40 years of experience, William A. Simon, Attorney at Law, has the detailed knowledge of estate law and Surrogate’s Court proceedings necessary to address your concerns properly.

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Estate litigation attorney Simon’s method of resolving these cases is straight-forward and geared toward efficiency. He understands that you and your family want these matters resolved in a manner most advantageous to you, and as quickly as possible. Whether the dispute can be settled, or ultimately requires trial, he will stand by your side to make certain that your every move is a step closer to your goal of resolving the issues in the best way possible for you.

He employs an investigative approach to estate litigation cases. To discover and properly present the relevant facts, he seeks out and interviews all witnesses and discovers the documentary evidence. He will make certain that all pertinent information is gathered before taking the necessary steps.

He is able to help in all estate litigation cases, either by or against the estate, including those related to:

  • Will contests
  • Estate property disputes
  • Contested accountings
  • Contested heirs
  • Will construction (ambiguous language in will)

William A. Simon believes in providing personal attention to all cases. Throughout the proceedings, he will remain in contact with you to make certain that you are involved and that all of your questions are answered. You may rest assured that he will handle your case personally. It will not be delegated to a junior lawyer. You can count on Attorney Simon’s integrity, diligence, and experience to ensure that your best interests are protected.

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