Probate Process


Probate is the court proceeding that proves the validity of a Will. After the will is “admitted to probate,” the executor administers the estate. Estate assets (assets of the deceased) are collected and, after expenses and taxes are paid, distributed to heirs. , seasoned with over 40 years’ experience in the New York probate courts, efficiently moves an estate through the probate process.

Surrogate’s Court

The New York Surrogate’s Court is the court in which all matters relating to the estates of deceased New York residents are determined. The Surrogate is the judge in this particular court; each county in New York has at least one Surrogate. The Surrogate’s Court of New York County (Manhattan) and Kings County (Brooklyn) each have two Surrogate judges. The Surrogate’s Court handles, among other matters, the probate of Wills and appointment of Executors, the appointment of Administrators who administer the estates of people who die without a valid Will, and any disputes over the validity of a Will or the administration of a trust or a decedent’s estate.

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