Will Lawyer NYC

Will Lawyer NYC

Will Lawyer NYC Can Help You with End of Life Planning

Planning for the end of your life and putting safeguards in place to protect your loved ones after you are gone can be an emotional experience. Working with an experienced will attorney can make everything easier.

A Last Will and Testament, usually shorted to a will, allows you to control what happens to the assets you include in your estate after your death. A will enables you to define assets, name beneficiaries, assign guardians for your children if something happens to you while they are still minors, and appoint an executor.

It is possible to create a will on your own without the assistance of an attorney. As a matter of fact, there are numerous tools available that claim to make this easy.

Unfortunately, the do-it-yourself method does not always work and putting something together on your own without the guidance and expertise of a will lawyer NYC can result in creating more problems than necessary for your loved ones.

Educated Will Lawyer NYC Helps You Protect Your Loves Ones after You are Gone

The estate planning process helps you protect your loved ones in the future. Your estate plan governs what goes on with your assets once you are no longer living and in control of those assets.

Some people think they do not need to worry about estate planning because they lack significant assets, but this is not true. No matter how much money you earn, you need some type of estate planning.

Your will is an extremely important document and makes it easier for the courts to distribute all of your personal assets. It is your responsibility to make decisions about where your money goes, how your possessions are distributed, and who will care for your children if you die before they have reached the age of legal independence.

Dying without a will creates frustration and financial burdens for your loved ones. You will force them to go through the probate court process and be at the mercy of the courts that will decide where everything goes.

Contact a Will Lawyer NYC for Information about What You Can Do to Plan for the End of Your Life

William Simon has more than 40 years of experience working with clients regarding their estate needs. He firmly believes that attention to detail is one of the most important aspects of estate planning. He takes the time to learn about the facts involved in each client’s situation and makes each and every client a priority until their situation is resolved.

William’s goal is to help clients avoid the unexpected. He knows there is a lot to worry about when it comes to end of life planning and ensuring that your loved ones do not face additional burdens after your death. He wants to make sure everyone he works with has peace of mind and can relax, knowing they have done everything possible to make a bad situation a little easier.

For more information or to schedule a consultation with William, contact him at 212-867-0100.